April 14, 2020

April 15, 2020

There is a Patisserie Ceci Cela near my apartment. Their croissant is the best in New York!


Because of the COVID-19, there are so many homeless people on the street. The shelter for the homeless also needs to do the social distance. Many of them can’t stay there. Thus, the homeless couldn’t enter to need to be on the streets. Recently, I heard that there are increasing the number of burglars.

COVID-19 のせいで、たくさんのホームレスがストリートにいる。彼らが泊まれるシェルターもソーシャルデイスタンスをしなくちゃいけないので、沢山の人はいれられないから、入れなかった人はストリートにいる。最近は泥棒も増えている。

Spring Mart, a convenience store most near me; The shop is one of the victims.


I went to Ceci Cela today, and they are considered to close the shop because they are afraid of harm.


Tomorrow is my sister Kuroneko-pooh’s birthday. I never can send my present to her on time, but this time, I even wait to post.


Because, I sent her something but not the birthday present two weeks ago. It seems me she didn’t received it yet.


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