April 16, 2020

April 17, 2020

I am doing 100% household chores and errands. Our life doesn’t have an idea of allotment. I do all. Because ダン蔵 is a genius. He can do only his work and he literally can do only his work. So, I don’t demand.


A sudden thought; I never had a chance to meet a man like Haruki Murakami novel’s characters. Usually, his novel’s main men can do all cooking. They never mind chores and errands. And they like to listen to jazz.


ダン蔵 loves rock music and dislike jazz.


I think I grow with Haruki Murakami novels. But, I also read Ryu Murakami same time. Ryu got established as a writer before Haruki, so, at that time for me, Ryu is the kind of person who already went to the goal. But, Haruki was under development.


Tonight, I was looking at Amazon Japan, because I want to read something and I learned Ryu Murakami’s series of his essay ” Men are Expendable” became the final stage. It was published in 2018. I didn’t know about it. I have to read it.


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