April 24, 2021

April 24, 2021

Last night, his lump of his arm was about 5 cm, but this morning, it got bigger and hot.


He temperature is normal. I shouldn’t worry too much, but worry.


It’s shouldn’t happen.


After lunch, he wanted to visit his gallery show. He is energetic and fine. But, on the way to the gallery, I saw his arm in a taxi, it seems me much bigger.

昼食後、彼は自分のギャラリーショーに行きたくって、彼は元気で元気です。 でも、ギャラリーに行く途中、タクシーで彼の腕を見たのですが、もっと大きくなってるじゃん。

I put him some ice patch in his arm before he go to bed. he complained that he can’t sleep with those, though.

私は彼が寝る前に彼の腕に氷のパッチを付けました。 しかし、彼はこんなの付けて眠れないと不平を言いました。

He’s just complaining. 文句ばっかり言ってます。

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