April 26, 2020

April 27, 2020

The other day, ダン蔵 and I went to Ceci Cela, our favorite patisserie near our apartment. Thank Gog! They are still open to the shop. One of the owner’s daughters gave us this white chocolate Easter bunny.


She said she is tired to see this Easter Bunny, please take it!


I think she knew ダン蔵 donated to the Ceci-Cela Employee/Community Relief Fund. I think that was her performance thanks to ダン蔵. This made me cry. Now, every independent Papa&Mama cafes, restaurants, and shops are struggling to keep the business.


After I came back home, I donated to Ceci-Cela too. Because I can’t eat croissants every day. If I ate it every day I easily gain weight! But, I also wanted to support Ceci Cela and thank you for the Easter bunny! It too pretty to eat!


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