April 4, 2020

April 5, 2020

This image. I received from Helen at A&D Gallery yesterday.

この写真、A&D Galleryのヘレンから昨日届いた。

I am a regular customer of Fiat Cafe. It is near my apartment. Anne Marie, she is a partner of the owner, she concern I am traveling for our laundry and she said she can wash it for me. Her apartment has a washing machine. It’s rare in New York City.

私がよく行くFiat Cafe のアンマリーが私が洗濯で苦しんでる事を心配してくれてて、何と、NYCでは珍しい事に、彼女のアパートには洗濯機があるから洗ってくれると言う。

However, there are underwear too. So, I hesitated to take her kindness for a long time.


But, she said oh, no, we are friend why don’t you let me wash your stuff. It’s nothing for me.


She is exactly like the person in the picture which Helen send to me.


Therefore, I asked her to wash little bit of my laundry.


Her partner also runs a hotel nearby. For now, all hotels are closed in NYC. Today, He said to me today; I can give you the hotel key. There is a washing machine and you can use it.


I deeply appreciated his offer. However, I have to consider taking his offer because I don’t want to make any trouble. The NYPD has been patrolling the city. They are nervous about all the business situation. If they saw I enter the hotel… What will they act next?


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