April 6th, 2021

April 7, 2021

My mother found stomach cancer. It has already metastasized to her liver.


When I decided married with ダン蔵, I prepared my mind that I can’t see my parents in person in this time of life.


However, it’s still painful. I cried last night and this morning my eyes are swollen. I wondered if these eyes can get back normal.


Therefore, I spoiled myself today; I was in bed until noon. I left a note to ダン蔵 before I sleep, ダン蔵 let me sleep as long as I need it.


I have lunch with ダン蔵 every day, but today he went out alone.


Meanwhile, I took a bath. その間、私はお風呂に入りました。

When ダン蔵 returned home, I asked him would you like to watch John Travolta’s movie “BLOW OUT” together. He said yes, yes, yes! Then we watched it together. The movie was quite good.

ダン蔵が帰ってきて、ダン蔵が誕生日に友達からもらったジョントラボルタの映画”BLOW OUT”のDVDを観よう。と、誘ったら、良いね!と行ってくれて、二人で観た。映画はすごく良かった。

Then I cooked dinner. Because of my eyes, I didn’t want to go out. But, I wanted to eat some salad. However, I don’t have salad in my fridge. I decided to make coleslaw. And then I realized I ran out of mayonnaise.


I never asked him errand. But, I really don’t want to go out. I asked him to buy a bottle of mayonnaise. He said he became your cooking assistant. And he went out for the mayonnaise.


I don’t know why coleslaw in America is sweet. なんでか分からないけど、アメリカのコールスローって、なんだか甘い。

My coleslaw is not sweet, and ダン蔵 claimed this is not REAL coleslaw.


Every time I make coleslaw, I get complained. コールスローを作る度、毎回です。

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