April 9, 2020

April 10, 2020

I mentioned Jonathan Livingston Seagull on March 30th. I read it the version of the translation by Hiroyuki Itsuki on time. I don’t have the book anymore. So, I ordered it at Amazon. But, this time, I ordered it in the English original. I received it today. It is second hand but good shape. It’s only $8. I think it is a good buy.


Then, this book cover reminded me a Japanese tobacco peace.


Peace’s logo was designed by Raymond Loewy. He also design Lucky strike.

ピースのパッケージデザインはRaymond Loewy。彼はラッキーストライクのデザインも手掛けてる。

When I was a young, Lucky strike was loved by young people. In Japan, I think smoking could start from the age of 20, but people start a much younger generation. After 20, my friends hesitated to smoke Lucky Strike. I think because the design and name are both too cheerful.


So they reluctantly smoked Seven Stars.


My art college professor, Hirosada Kotani loved Peace. He was cool. I learned from him a lot, not only art. He talked to me about music and Literature and so on.


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