August 18, 2020

August 19, 2020

I bought a rice cooker. 炊飯器を買った。

Because, I saw a youtube channel, Muscle grill.


This program is a high protein, low sugar dish recommended by a Bodybuilder. Actually, the way to eat the food of bodybuilders is similar to diabetic patients. They do not eat a big amount once, they eat about 5 times a day but a small amount. And high protein and low sugar is an ideal meal for diabetes. Therefore, I thought his cooking is very good for ダン蔵 as diabetes.

このプログラムは、ボディービルダーが勧める高タンパク質、低糖質の料理です。 実はボディービルダーの食事の仕方は糖尿病患者と似ています。 彼らは一度に大量に食べるのではなく、一日に約5回食べますが、少量です。 そして、高タンパク質と低糖質の料理は糖尿病には理想的な食事です。 そのため、彼の料理は糖尿病のダン蔵にとても良いと思いました。

And, I can prepare and switch on the cooker before I go out. The meal is ready to eat when I came back home.


Gloria, the physical therapist, comes for ダン蔵 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 pm. It is not easy to come back home at 5 pm for dinner. If the meal is ready, I feel better.

フィジカルセラピストのグロリアは、毎週火曜日、木曜日、土曜日の午後6時にダン蔵の為に来てくれます。 私は夕方5時に帰宅して、料理するのは簡単ではありません。もし、料理が出来てれば少しは気も楽です。

Today, I prepared Chicken soup with the rice cooker and switched it on before going out.


I was excited about it. ワクワクしちゃった。

However, the taste was not that excellent.


But, ダン蔵 kindly said to me that he enjoys seeing what I’m doing.


Meals are distributed to Gloria. She will have dinner after she returns her home, so that she can be a little easier.


I want to be a good cook!


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