December 30, 2020

December 31, 2020

My NY state ID expired in 2014. But no one noticed it. And the department that I can renew it that always very crowded. It needs to wait for 3-4 hours usually. So, I was scared to go.

NY state IDが2014年で切れてたんだけど、誰にも気づかれないし、切り替えてくれるデパートメントは、いつもすんごい混んでて、3〜4時間待ちもざらだし、恐ろしくて行けなかった。

I finally received the letter from NY state today. It said Please update your ID. 


I thought since it’s the end of the year, maybe only a few people may go to the government office. So, I visited there. And yay! It was no time to wait. I was very lucky!


On the way back, I walked toward to east on 31st Street and found the church of St. Francesco in Assisi.


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