Feb 14, 2020

February 14, 2020

I cut my hair at New Ocean hair salon on Mott Street, NYC. This name reminds me of a tropical fish shop but it is a hair salon. I have been cut my hair this salon for about 10 years now. It’s very cheap. For my hair cut, only $20 and plus chip. My hairdresser Michael is Chinese and he can’t speak English very well. So, I speak to him Japanese… No. I’m not. haha, anyway, he doesn’t understand except Chinese. However, we know each other for 10 years, we don’t need to talk. I go there, I said hi to Michael, then sit down on his chair and he cut my hair. That’s all.


However, even I don’t much care about cool or not cool; I’m afraid of using chemicals with Chinese products. I need to hair dye. But, I can’t rely on using Chinese hair dye products with confidence.


Therefore, I went to a Japanese hair salon near my apartment last autumn. It was very expensive. It was nearly $300. Also, the hairdresser demand 20% of the chip. It was a great experience because the Japanese hairdresser was very kind, courteous and smile a lot. Very nice. However, $300 pulas 20% chip was painful. So, this time, I went to Paul Fox salon near my apartment. I new a person runs the salon. Because we both go to the same place for lunch and know each other face and we say hi for nearly 5 years. But, we never had a conversation. I summon up the courage and asked him may I make a reservation? He said sure.


Then, yesterday, I visited the salon and a young man dyed my hair. Of course, the price was much higher than the New Ocean but cheaper than a Japanese salon. Then, the young guy didn’t ask me for a chip. So, I asked Paul, How about the chip? Paul said it depend on the customer, we do not demand it. Also, my shop is cashless. If you want to pay a chip when you pay the cost you need to add it at the same time in the machine. You already finished the payment. You are all good.


I said but….


Then he said actually if you really want to leave some money for him, we have these little envelopes. The envelope was a name card size. I used envelop. And I felt good. Also, I have to say that the young guy’s shampoo technic was super good.


The young guy also wanted to trim my hair. However, I still like Michael to cut my hair. He uses only scissors and a comb. He is chemical-free.


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