Feb 25, 2020

February 25, 2020

A lunch at Fiat Cafe. ダン蔵 likes to eat fruit after the meal. His fruit is always free. He is loved by the cafe.


By the way, I mentioned Bonnard yesterday. When I think about Bonnard, I can not stop thinking about Édouard Vuillard. I love one of his paintings “In Bed” in 1891.


Yes, I love Vuillard. However, when I wanted to talk about his paintings, no one understands my pronunciation of his name “Vuillard”. In Japan, his name is ヴュイヤール in Katakana notation. However, I said ヴュイヤール, no one understands.


This French name is difficult to pronounce. It’s not only for Japanese but it is also difficult for English speakers too.


Today ダン蔵 and I had lunch with his old friend from Belgium. ダン蔵 talked to her that miniko likes Vuillard but, she couldn’t understand his name. She couldn’t understand ダン蔵’s pronunciation of Vuillard. I added his first name Édouard for help she to understand. And in addition, I mentioned he was a Les Nabis artist. But, she couldn’t understand who he was at all.


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