February 23, 2021

February 24, 2021

Today is my birthday. One of ダン蔵’s friend kindly sent me flower this morning. It was purple bouquet of hyacinth and muscari.

今日は私の誕生日です。 早朝に、親切にもダン蔵のお友達からヒヤシンスとムスカリの紫のブーケが届きました。

I wonder if he knew that February’s birth stone, amethyst.


The moment I saw this, I thought of a large amethyst ring that my mother sometimes wears.


It’s been my favorite since I was a kid. I loved it so much and I said to my mother give it to me if you lost interest in it.


Sometimes I look for an amethyst ring in a shop window, but I can’t find one and can’t buy it.


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4 Responses to “February 23, 2021”

  1. pooh-kuroneko says:


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  3. Pamela says:

    A very happy belated birthday! 🎂 🎈 🎉 Thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful day !!

    ‘There’s one gift you cannot buy,
    A buried treasure precious and true,
    It’s the gift of a close, kind friend’
    🌺 🌸 🌸 🌺

  4. minikonote says:

    Thank you so much, Pamela!!! xoxoxo I am fortunate to have a wonderful friend like you!!! Thank you very very much for your support and kindness all the time!!! xoxo

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