July 13, 2021

July 14, 2021

A new Vietnamese restaurant was opened in the neighborhood, so ダン蔵 and I visited there for today’s lunch.


I said to ダン蔵 that our usual Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bang is more delicious than this.

いつも行く、Pho Bang の方が美味しいね。と言ったら、

He agreed with me but, he said he never mind because the waitress is prettier here.


It was very much men’s world opinion, but Pho Bags doesn’t have waitress.

それは、素晴らしく男の世界の意見だけど、悪いけど、Pho Bang には、ウエートレスはいない。

There are only old Chinese guys working there.


It won’t be a match. 勝負になりません。

By the way, ダン蔵 can use chopsticks well.


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