July 21, 2020

July 22, 2020

My 20s; I used to read three news papers. Asahi Shinbun, Nikkei Shinbun, and my local news paper Hokkaido Shinbun,


The Asahi gave me information about Japan in general, and the Hokkaido Shimbun taught me what I need to know about the locals.


And about Nikkei Shinbun; I don’t know about the economy. The stock market is a gibberish.


But! My favorite was the column on the back page, “My resume”.


“My Resume” tells celebrities looking back on their lives and what happened in their lives to the present day.


So, Weekday reads that column every day. The weekend was very rich in culture and I read every page of the newspaper. I have never seen the movement of the stock market, and I do not know how to look at it.


“My resume” is said to be published as a book, but I had never seen it at a bookstore at that time.


I always check Amazon Japan and order if I find such a rare book.


However, most books don’t send to the US. However, sometimes there are kind stores that will send it to the US.


Due to the COVID-19, mailing seems to be confusing, so it took almost two months after I ordered this book.


I am very happy to receive this book.


This book was published in 1983. Much before I started to read the column.


In this book, there is a poet Muroh Saisei’s resume.


I’ve visited his birthplace when I was 19, so I’m deeply moved.


One of his poem; My hometown is far away and I think of it. And I sing sadly.


I read the poem when I was a teenager. Why did it get my heart?


When I was a teenager, I never imagined that I would live far away from Japan and live abroad.


However, I’m neither sad and nor lonely.


I’m fortunate.  私は幸運です。

He passed away 1962. Before I was born.


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