June 13, 2021

June 14, 2021

We are living on the third floor of an apartment. There is no elevator. ダン蔵 hospitalized in 2016, and after seven months of hospitalization, he couldn’t walk at that time. So, I installed a chairlift on the stairs of my apartment.


Now he can walk, but it is difficult to go up and down the stairs for him.


The chairlift got stuck and the person in charge had already left the company. And I called the company many times, but the company has been no help three days since I started calling. A woman on the phone said the company has a lack of staff.


However, a person who recently helped me with my gallery searched the internet for a company that sells the same chairlift and made an appointment for repairs, even though it was Sunday today, the repairman came and fixed it. I thought it was amazing and I deeply appreciate both my new assistant and the repairman. Thank you so much!


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