June 15, 2021

June 15, 2021

Even though there were so many clouds around noon,


It looks like this in the evening. 夕方にはこんな感じ。

I can see a crescent moon where diagonally above the clouds.


I don’t like summer. 夏は嫌いだ。

It’s too hot. 暑過ぎ。

I don’t like winter too. 冬も嫌い。

It’s too cold. 寒過ぎ。

I hate this and I hate that. これも嫌い、あれも嫌い。

This feeling remind me this book. この感じはこの本を思い出させた。

A picture book I read when I was a kid, Keiko Sena’s “No, no.”


Well, I think I am somehow upset.


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