June 2nd, 2020

June 3, 2020

Finally, ダン蔵 and I went to see his foot doctor this morning. The doctor’s office is located in front of the Empire State building. We ordered a car service and went there. The scenery of the city was magnificent until we got there. We saw several destroyed stores, others were already covered with planks, and some were in the process of covering them.


Last night’s looting case was so terrible that why all New Yorkers’ no one can go out after 8 pm tonight.


Perhaps because of that, today’s protests were held in the daytime here in NYC.


Therefore, I didn’t go to my studio/gallery this afternoon and stayed home. After lunch, I went out to a drug store near the apartment and I was shocked that the shop was totally destroyed. I couldn’t buy things.


Also, the liquor store owner was already preparing to close the store.


Are you okay? We talked to each other.


So in the afternoon, I read a book while baking a cake.


The helicopter keeps flying.


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