June 9th, 2021

June 10, 2021

Today, the highest temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it seems that the air conditioners in the house are not working, and the inside of the house feels hotter than the outside. I bought a fun about a week ago.


ダン蔵’s doctor advises him not to go outside when the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature inside the house is over 80 degrees.


ダン蔵 has contacted the air conditioner company for a few days, but the company didn’t reply even if he left a message.


Finally, I called the company many times yesterday and I could talk them, but I got a bad impression.


Therefore, I walked in a store on 1st Avenue who sell air conditioner this afternoon.


I want to buy a window air conditioner!


I said to the shop person. と、私はお店の人に言いました。

Then he asked me how big is the apartment? 彼は、アパートはどれくらいの広さ?と、聞きました。

So, I explained to him the situation. he said it should take a look from the air conditioner company first.


But I want an air conditioner now! でも私はエアコンが今欲しい!

He said even if I order now, it will take a week. もし、今注文しても一週間かかるよ。と彼は言った。

And he said he wants to give me some cold drink. Then, そして彼は、私に何か冷たい飲み物をと、言って、

He gave me a bottle of GATORADE. I said thank you. 彼は私にゲータレードのボトルを一本くれました。私はありがとうと言いました。

However, this is the first time I got a bottle of GATORADE in my entire life as I am not sporty person.


This is America! これがアメリカだ!

If you are not sporty, you have a right to have GATORADE!


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