March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

I read a blog of Kuroneko pooh san on March 14th. Kiyosirou Imawano‘s song was featured. That’s lyric said he skipped classes and was on the rooftop and etc.


Kuroneko poo san said there are no schools because of Corona, so, if we want to escape from a class but anyway no class??!!


It reminds me that I rejected to go to my high school last 3 months and did not attend my graduation ceremony.


Then, it reminds me of more memory; after the graduation ceremony, I got a phone call from school and said you didn’t have the graduation test yet.


Then, I needed to go to school and had the test. The school was the spring brake. It’s very quiet. I had the test at a big audiovisual room alone and a teacher watched me. He was not my class teacher but one of my English teachers. I finished all the tests in the morning. Then he checked the result. He said it’s all fine but Math. I failed the Mathematics test. He said please come tomorrow again. I went back to school again the next day. And I failed it again.


When I went to school on the 3rd day, I asked him why you are here for me, you have no responsibility you are not my class teacher, even you are an English teacher, not math. He said because of the spring break, many teachers were on vacation. I am free and have plenty of time. And the 3rd day, he solved the math answer with me. He also told me that he enjoyed doing math together.


I passed the test of math. No doubt. We were accomplices. He never asked me why I didn’t attend the whole 3 months. We said goodbye and thank you for each other. I got a diploma from a teacher who I never remember in the staff room. On the way back from the staff room a religion teacher spoked to me. I didn’t like the teacher and once I made him cry. He said you were cheeky. I worry about your future very much. Please read this every morning. Then, he gave me the bible. I saw his face and he was full of smiles. I couldn’t help but received it and went back home.


After that, I went to an art college in Sapporo. One day, I went to Hokkaido Contemporary Art Museum. I saw my high school boss when I was in the first grade. I said hi to her and she was delighted that I talked to her. And then, she told me that the English teacher was cancer. He was still young and he had two little kids. I was very sad. I was sad because I knew I could not do anything for him. But, she said, let’s pray. I was surprised by her words. Pray? I asked. She said, yes, pray. The only thing we can do.


A little while later, I received a letter from her. It said he passed away.


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