March 28, 2020

March 29, 2020

I got a message that said If ダン蔵 becomes infected with Corona, it’s because of my carelessness. I feel like I can not say anything.


Maybe it is true. But, maybe not true. However, I guess the person that gave me the message never knows What life is.

「もし、ダン蔵がコロナに感染したら、私の不注意のせいだ。」多分それは本当です。 しかし、本当ではないかもしれません。 しかし、私にメッセージを与えた人は、人生とは何かを決して知らないはず。

I don’t think human life is such a simple thing. There is mysterious power.


ダン蔵 likes Clam chowder, So, I cooked it this evening., He said it is far from real Clam Chowder but delicious! His comment made me happy.


His birthday is coming up soon. He got a card from Kuronrko-poo san. And it made him very happy. He said he never likes birthday, but this card made him likes his birthday.

彼の誕生日はもうすぐで、クロネコプーさんからカードをもらいました。 そして、それは彼をとても幸せにしました。 彼は誕生日が嫌いだと言ってたんだけど、このカードは彼に彼の誕生日を好きにさせたんだってさ。

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2 Responses to “March 28, 2020”

  1. Pamela says:

    I find these words by the Persian poet Rumi to be so expressive, “Be like the night to cover other’s faults.
    Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see”. Only those who love their rose can see clearly and cause it to laugh in full blown beauty 🌹

  2. minikonote says:

    Dear Pamela,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It’s amazing to know about Rumi’s poetry. It’s made me cry.
    Pamela, you are an amazing friend. I am fortunate to know you. Thank you so much.

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