March 6th, 2021

March 7, 2021

ダン蔵 has been fine after the vaccine. However, after he had lunch today, he felt as if he got a cold. His temperature is okay but higher than as usual.


I gave him Tylenol. And now he is sleeping.


I pray that he will recover without any problems.


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2 Responses to “March 6th, 2021”

  1. Pamela says:

    I think it may be a slight side -effect of the vaccine, other people have had similar symptoms, hopefully it all will be fine! Try not to worry and take care both.

  2. minikonote says:

    Thank you! It seems to me he is fine. But, I think he worries about many aspects of his health. I worry about him a lot, but I feel I am useless.

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