March 7th, 2020

March 8, 2020

I’m sick. Suddenly I am sick. Flu? Not feeling well and I have pain all around the scapula. I have been quite busy and maybe the stress of the last few weeks. I have no appetite. This is very rare in my life. I can eat any time, any occasion. Even if I was depressed something. But, not today. I vomited all, and then diarrhea. But, after that, I had an orange. It was delicious.


ダン蔵 wanted to go out for lunch as usual. I said I am vomited and no appetite. He understood and he went out alone. But, he looks so sad. I changed my mind and I went to the lunch place he went to. When he saw me his face was delighted that he found me there. I had a black coffee and a small orange juice. Then I felt bad. I’ve started to have a cold sweat. I felt vomited, but the bathroom was occupied. I vomited into the garbage can nearby.


Then, it reminds me of when I was young. I drank too much and vomited the toilet bowl at the restaurant. Then, I felt okay and continue to drink with friends. I was young. It was stupid but fun. But, I never vomited in a trash can before. Oh, my. It’s a new experience.


That delicious orange was all gone from my stomach…


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