March 8th, 2020

March 9, 2020

I am still sick. But, yes, better than yesterday. However, this lunch…


ダン蔵 wanted to eat at Pho Bang (Vietnam cuisine) near our apartment. I said I have no appetite. Then, he said I know you want to go to Fiat cafe. I said …Well, I have no appetite. Then, I said you can go there alone. Then, he said I want to have lunch together. He looks very unhappy.

ダン蔵はうちのアパートの側のPhoBang で食べたかった。私は食欲が無い。と、言ったら、知ってるよ、フィアットカフェに行きたいんだね。と、言う。私は、だから〜、食欲が無いんだよ。一人で行きなよー。と言うと、彼はまだあきらめていない感じで、一緒に食べたい。と、言う。彼はとてもがっかりしているように見える。

So, we went there together. I couldn’t eat it at all. But, he looks happy. I took out my food in the end. Ah~~, we are both freelance workers. We eat every meal almost together. Because of what, he couldn’t understand I have no appetite when I am sick. I wanted to say give me a break. But, I couldn’t.


Because you never know tomorrow. So, I can’t say no to his offer.


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