May 25, 2020

May 26, 2020

Continuing from yesterday’s story.


On the way back from Madrid; Kuroneko Pooh went to New York. I went back to Japan alone.


My flight to Japan was delayed due to an airplane failure. I have to wait for 12 hours.


At the airport, there was a Japanese group next to me. Then, one young man asked me if I am not his customer. I said no to him. (By the way, his group’s people were around 60′.)


Then, he asked me where my group is. I said I’m traveling alone. He asked me if I knew that the 12 hours delay. I said, yes. He asked me what do I do? I said I’ll wait.


Then, he asked me that he and his group are going to go to a hotel to rest. I can join them if I like. He was a tour conductor. He introduced me to his people, and everyone welcomed me. He ordered a medium-size bus, and we all went to a hotel nearby.


We had a big meal and had a rest at the hotel. He asked me about my destination. I said Sapporo. Then he took my flight ticket and made a phone call. He changed my flight from Narita to Sapporo.


He was smart and kind. The conversation with him was fun. I asked him his name card. But he didn’t want to give it to me. He said if I knew his name and office, I will send him some gift for his kindness. It is a Japanese custom. He said he doesn’t want any Thank-you items. It would be bullshit.


I’ve been bumped into a lot of kind people, and he’s one of them.


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