May 3rd, 2020

May 4, 2020

The Spanish flu pandemic killed Egon Schiele in 1918.


I read his biography at my high school library with my friend.


According to the book, his six months pregnant wife got the Spanish flu. Desperate Schiele, he had the last sexual intercourse with his dying wife. Therefore, he also got the flu, and he passed away 3 days after his wife.


My friend said that’s life. She can’t help it.


I couldn’t understand his sexual desire. Because I was still virgin.


I thought it’s a life-threatening sex. Irrational. It is absurd.


However, I can understand Schiele now.


2016 was an awful year. ダン蔵 fell in seizure and hospitalized. And many complications made the hospitalization end up six months.

2016年はひどい年でした。 ダン蔵は発作に陥り入院して、困難を極め、入院は6か月に渡りました。

He suffered many nights in a coma.


I couldn’t think about my life without him. There is no my life.


ダン蔵 hospitalized August, then, my dear friend and my art dealer in London also hospitalized in September. He couldn’t make it. He passed away in December. ダン蔵 came back home on February 14th, 2017.

ダン蔵は8月に入院したんだけど、ロンドンの私の親愛なる友であり、と私のアートディーラーの彼も、9月に入院しました。 彼は回復できず、12月に亡くなりました。 ダン蔵は2017年2月14日に帰宅しました。

His partner is still in mourning.


I am very fortunate that I can still live with ダン蔵.


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2 Responses to “May 3rd, 2020”

  1. Pamela says:

    Very poignant and heartbreaking.

    Life is both bittersweet and joyful as I feel for what you both went through, and your reserve of strength inside that never gives up . So happy yours is one of love, resilience & survival. 🌹

  2. minikonote says:

    I am so happy and lucky to have him in my life. ダン蔵 has such a beautiful soul.

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