November 21, 2020

November 22, 2020

Daan van Golden is one of my favorite artists. His paintings of the Mitsukoshi department store wrapping paper makes me feel nostalgic for Japan.


The best memory of my childhood was when I lived in Kushiro. The wrapping paper of the Tsuruya department store was something I was interested in. When I think about it now, it was designed by Seiji Togo. I didn’t like Seiji Togo’s paintings, but the wrapping paper gave me a mysterious impression.


Compared to that, Mitsukoshi’s wrapping paper has a dry and nice design.


The wrapping paper for Seiji Togo was kind of dangerous. At that time, I was a kid, but I felt that way.


For example, if you open the Mitsukoshi wrapping paper, Madeleine is likely to come out, but Seiji Togo’s wrapping paper is likely to come out with caviar or foie gras, so I don’t know what to do without asking my mother. Like.


Since I became an adult, I have been working in the field of architecture. When I was involved in the construction of a new home for a rich man, there was a very small and nice picture in the kitchen.

大人になってから建築の分野でお仕事させて頂いた時、 ある金持ちのための新しい家の建設に関わった時、台所にはとても小さくて素敵な絵がありました。

When I was looking the painting, the owner said it is Saiji Togo.


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