October 22, 2020

October 23, 2020

Simultaneously, as I continue to draw pictures of strawberries, the strawberries that I can’t consume … So I’m making the strawberry sauce. You can spread it on toast or eat it with yogurt.


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2 Responses to “October 22, 2020”

  1. pamela says:

    Seeing your strawberries turning into delicious homemade jam, reminds me of this sweet poem by Emily Dickinson.*

    “Over the fence—
    Strawberries— grow—
    Over the fence—
    I could climb— if I tried, I know—
    Berries are nice!

    But— if I stained my Apron—
    God would certainly scold!
    Oh, dear, — I guess if He were a Boy—
    He’d— climb— if He could!”

  2. minikonote says:

    Haha! I wish the god is not only an old and wise guy. I wish he is a boy and a girl.
    Even he was an old wise guy, I guess that he may not scold her if she made her apron stained. He might understand the temptation of strawberry and the desire to climb high places.

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