October 9th, 2020

October 9, 2020

I had a morning bath and spoiled myself.


I use a Japanese Bath additive. The color likes a poison but it okay.


By the way, this soap of fish. One of ダン蔵’s Japanese friends gave us for our wedding. It’s already many years ago.


It is too cute to use. かわい過ぎて使えない。

This fish soap reminds me of this painting. この魚石けんはこの絵を思い出させます。

This is a work of Yuiti Takahashi (1828-1894) . He was the first oil painter in Japan.


This salmon painting was made by him on 1877. この鮭の絵は1877年の作。

Since Japan opened the country in 1854, they actively embraced European art and culture.


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