September 17, 2020

September 18, 2020

I am reading a text of Midori Yamamura, Re-Viewing Kusama, 1950-1975: Biography of Things in a book, Yayoi Kusama Mirrored Years.


It is mentioned a conceptual artist Yutaka Matuzawa. I first time realized that Kusama and Matsuzawa come from Nagano, Japan.


Actually, I didn’t know he was an artist. I thought he was a poet. Because I have his poetry book “Star or a Strip Show”. The title is catchy, therefore I bought the book.


Reiko Tomii curated a show “Radicalism in the Wilderness” at Japan Society in NYC. The exhibition was showing Yutaka Matsuzawa. Then I realized that he was an artist.

富井玲子さんがニューヨークのジャパンソサエティーで、Radicalism in the Wilderness という展覧会を催し、そこに松澤宥の作品をたくさん観たので、彼がアーテイストだった事を知りました。

Midori Yamamura’s text makes my mind to travel various places.


Her delicate examination of history is reminiscent of artists other than Kusama. Kusama is experiencing World War Second. It is the youth of Tsuguharu Fujita and my teacher, Hirosada Kotani.


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2 Responses to “September 17, 2020”

  1. Pamela says:

    Fascinating connections to post war and the 60’s era of Japanese art. Thank you for the link to ‘Radicalism in the Wilderness’- a great title. I know v little about – Yutaka Matsuzawa, but recall that he had a dream in the ’60’s which suggested to “vanish the object, ” and that this notion underpinned his subsequent relationship to remove material things from his practice. I’m a fan of Midori Yamamura’s writings and look forward to reading more… Thank you again

  2. minikonote says:

    I bought Reiko Tomii’s book of ‘Radicalism in the Wilderness.’ However, Not finished to read it. Shame…
    I have so many books that I’m not finished reading them in my library. The world is fascinating! And it’s difficult to catch up!

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