September 25, 2020

September 26, 2020

Yesterday, ダン蔵 and I went to Susan Inglett Gallery to see a show by Robert Kobayashi. He passed away a few years ago. He used to run a gallery near our apartment. His gallery name was Moe’s Meat Market. Because he bought a building of Moe’s Meat Market. He never changed the interior. He used as a gallery the meat shop as it is. Therefore, he left the name as it is too.

昨日、ダン蔵と一緒に、スーザンイングリットギャラリーにロバート小林の展覧会を見に行きました。ロバート小林は 数年前に他界したのですが、彼は、家の近所でギャラリーをやってました。ギャラリーの名前は「モーの肉屋」なんですが、それは、彼が肉屋の建物を買って、肉屋のスペースをそのまま、内装も変えずにギャラリーとして使ってました。なので、名前もそのまま残したのでした。

His gallery showed his work. Once a little while the gallery changed the works. I love his works and I enjoyed the shows very much. The gallery was run by his wife. I met Robert a few times. He was very quiet but always had a quiet smile.


After he died, his widow lent the building to someone and the gallery was gone.


Therefore, I was super excited that I can see his works again.


His work is done by cutting colored tin into thin pieces and nailing them. The touch of the tin reminds me of Van Gogh.


This exhibition would not be possible without the cooperation of the widow and their daughter.


I know another widow. Her husband was a super famous artist. But he left it his will that he baned to hold his exhibition for ten years after his death. So, she said, she was saved because she doesn’t have to do anything. She also said that she also can die after ten years.”


However, she was helping the artist as his assistant. She was an artist but she quit to do her art and helped her husband. That’s amazing.


I can’t be ダン蔵’s artistic assistant as I am incompetent. 無能な私はダン蔵の芸術のアシスタントにはなれません。

I can do only my art. Sorry, ダン蔵!


Kuroneko Pooh gave me a message for my note of September 23.


She said my moving to UK and US are a priesthood ( lol ).


In a sense, that may be true. ある意味、それは本当かもしれません。

I may have come to a temple named ダン蔵.


I can’t be his assistant to his art, but I will do my best to ダン蔵. I can not leave him alone. He has many chronic illnesses. I will not go anywhere without him. So, this time of my life, I may never see my parents in-person again. It may sound heartless, but I chose ダン蔵. It is helpless. But, I’m sorry.


Atsuhime sama never returned to her parents’ house after her marriage.


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2 Responses to “September 25, 2020”

  1. Pamela says:

    Home is where the he(art) is…sometimes heat breaking too, to have make such decisions.

    Things we treasure most or that mean so much can require great sacrifices or difficult compromises.

    What remains important though is to value our self worth, take pride in our work and hold on to our passions, for sure.

  2. minikonote says:

    Dear Pamela,

    Thank you so much for such a strong statement.
    You encouraged me. Thank you! xox

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