August 25, 2021

August 26, 2021

I used the subway for the first time in a long time. 久しぶりに地下鉄を利用した。

I saw an unhoused person on a subway platform. He was barefoot and both his feet were swollen. His skin was infected.


It looked so painful. すごく痛そう。

There are many unhoused people in New York. I wish that The United States had a system for helping people who are in need. I wish there was someone who I could call to help these people.


There are some charities for unhoused people. ダン蔵 donates to them from time to time.


ダン蔵 can’t take the subway because his walking is not good enough to deal with the stairs.


I saw an old woman who ダン蔵 likes when he used to use subway. She is often asking for money.


ダン蔵 doesn’t give change to homeless people because he donates to homeless charities, but he gave this woman in the subway some change.


She is old but beautiful and clean.


I always see her there in the same place in the subway. I gave her some money because she is a person who ダン蔵 cares about.


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