Feb 27, 2020

February 27, 2020

Tomorrow is the opening of a show in my tiny gallery. We are doing the installation right now. Every time, at each installation, I know the nature of the artists. Sometimes it kills me. It’s a joke.


Last night, I talked with Kuroneko Pooh on a phone. She said it annoying to read your Blog because it is English. So, I decided to put the Japanese translations in it.

昨夜、私はクロネコプーと電話で話しました。 彼女は「あんたのブログは英語だから読むのが面倒だ。」と言った。 そこで、日本語の翻訳を入れることにした。

However, it not easy to translate English into Japanese. Even though, these are all my writings.


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