July 4th, 2021

July 4, 2021

ダン蔵の’s hobby is to make mix albums of his favorite musics.


It’s already the 18th. It named “ダン蔵 Greatest Hits”.


“My Boy Lollipop” was included in the 18th. その18枚目の中に、”My Boy Lollipop”が入ってました。

The song was familiar to me because the song was covered by Kyoko Koizumi. So I searched for the video on YouTube and showed it to ダン蔵.


I was a little bit afraid of showing it to him because he has a few favorite Japanese bands but he usually rejects Japanese pop and rock music.


However, he likes her video singing ”My Boy Lollipop”.


And he continuously enjoyed some of her songs. Especially, this song. Below.


He doesn’t understand Japanese. It seems me that he thought it’s a Christmas song, though. 彼は日本語がわからないから、これ、クリスマスソングだと思ったみたいだけど。

In her song, there is a song called “Boys are all”. The lyrics are that ”All boys like girls. Especially, all the boys seem to like me. I can understand somehow……. “


Yes, Koizumi. You are right. All boys like you, include ダン蔵.


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