July 8th, 2021

July 9, 2021

Since about a month ago, I saw acne on the tip of ダン蔵’s nose, but it didn’t heal at all.


The other day, when we went to the throat doctor for ダン蔵, the doctor looked at his nose and he told us to go to a dermatologist.


Therefore, we went to see the dermatologist and she said it might skin cancer this morning.


She did biopsy to him immediately. 彼女はすぐに生検を行いました。

We are waiting the result. I hope it’s not cancer. 結果を待ってますが、皮膚ガンじゃなければいいな。と、思っています。

The other day, we met a friend of ダン蔵. He thought that he has acne, then, he went to see his doctor and which was skin cancer, and then he had surgery to remove it. I saw a cross-seam on his forehead.


It was beautifully done. So, I believe the scar will be gone soon.

それは上手に出来てました。 ですから、もうすぐ傷跡は見えなくなると思います。

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