June 19, 2021

June 20, 2021

It was a pain to cook dinner today, so I took out Indian food on my way home near my studio.


There is synagogue two doorway from the Indian restaurants. A rabbi was standing at the entrance today.


He asked me how am I. I said I’m good think you. My husband is Jewish but we never visit a synagogue.


He asked me, don’t you pray? 彼は、祈らないの?と、聞いて来た。

I said I pray sometimes. 時々祈るよ。と、答えたら、

He stared at me. 彼は私をじっと見た。

Therefore, I said to him that my mother died.


He asked me when? I answered him it was yesterday.


He asked me that if I go back to Japan to see her. 彼は、帰るの?と、

I said no. He asked me why? いいえと言うと、なんで?と、問う。

My husband has many health problem and I need to take care of him. I answered to him.


Do you have a family taking care of her? He replied. 彼女を世話する家族はいるの?と、彼が返答した。

I smiled and said to him, Yes, I have a wonderful family and she is in good care.


Then, he asked me that if my husband is kind to me. それから、彼は私の夫が私に親切であるかどうか私に尋ねました。

I said yes, he is amazing. 私は彼はとっても親切です。と、答えました。

Then, the rabbi said he likes me. それで、彼は、彼は私を好きだと言いました。

I said thank you and I hope he has a lovely weekend. And I walked away.


I’m glad that I could talk with a person who works for God.


Especially, I feel it because I lost my mother.


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