March 22, 2020

March 23, 2020

ダン蔵 and I watch TV news. Coronavirus sounds horrible.


Because of Corona, ダン蔵’s favorite cafe has been closed. His favorite habit; going to the cafe every morning has been impossible. So, I buy some pastries at a Japanese bread shop named Pan Ya. He is not satisfied with these pastries but it better than nothing.

コロナの為に、ダン蔵のお気に入りのカフェは閉店中。毎朝そのカフェに行くという、彼の大好きな習慣は続けられないので、日本のPan Ya というパン屋でペストリーを買って来ている。彼はこれには満足してないけど、無いよりはマシってところ。

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