September 17, 2021

September 18, 2021

My favorite lifestyle shop on Avenue A is closing and will be gone for good. I am so sad that so many shops were gone because of Covid-19.

On the other side, new shops are appearing. I notice especially many new tiny hair salons are now on business. On my way home to my work, I see many small, independent hear salons.

Actually, they are costly. $80 for a haircut. I want to ask those hair salons, are you serious?

My haircut is $20. I’ve been my neighborhood Chinese hairdresser for more than ten years. My hairdresser Michael can’t speak English, but we don’t need to talk in our longtime relationship. I went there, saw each other, nodded each other, and he did my hair cut without any words.

It was $17, but after Covid-19, it increased by $20. I want to ask Michael, my hairdresser. Are you serious? What can you do with only a $3 increase? But, instead of asking questions to him, I give him tips because our relationship is without words.

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