September 3rd, 2021

September 4, 2021

This youtube video reminds me of a memory. I moved to the UK in 2000, and at that time, I didn’t know who Beckham is. Someone asked me what do you think about Beckham? I replied to him I don’t know Beckham. Who is he? He was surprised by my answer, but I told him no one knows Beckham in Japan.

Soon after, The World Cup was held in Japan. Then, this guy came into my house and said put on the telly! Look!!!

I saw the TV image. So many Japanese girls screaming and running after Beckham. Then the guy said, See? Japanese people know Beckham! And he is very popular! Do you really not know him? I said to him, no I don’t know him.

In my life, before I moved to the UK, I was very busy with my work. At that time in my work, I needed to see Japanese businessmen and Japanese factory worker men. The factory workers were quite kind and friendly, but businessmen were mean. I needed to defend myself. My way of defending myself was reading as many newspapers as possible. So, I read three newspapers, Hokkaido Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun, and Nikkei Shinbun. I knew that I can’t read all of the newspapers, so I dropped off all of the sports sections, because I am not interested in sports that much.

Therefore, I didn’t know Beckham at that time, but I know him now. Thank you United Kingdom Great Britain!

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