April 23, 2021

April 24, 2021

ダン蔵 got the 2nd vaccine of his pneumonia this morning. He had no problem with it the 1st time. But now his arm has a lump where slightly under he got the shot. It’s about 5 cm. And he has pain… His temperature is normal. However, I worry him. I asked him to go to the emergency. But, of course, he doesn’t like to go to a hospital…


Always these little things happen, but every time I am really feel bad and worry. However, I can nothing to do for him.


I am helpless. 私は無力です。

And I may be incompetent. そして、私は無能かも。

I have started to think about giving up my gallery. ギャラリーの経営を諦めようかと思い始めてます。

I want to spend my time on ダン蔵 as much as possible.


Sometimes he asks me about the meaning of life. I always answer him, you and me are together and happy.


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