August 6th, 2021

August 7, 2021

I used to use a spray bottle for ironing all the time.


However, Kuroneko-Pooh san was using a steam iron, and the result was very good.


Actually, my iron has a steam system. I have never used it, but I saw the images of Kuroneko-Pooh san’s good ironing, so I tried to use it.

実は、私のアイロンにはスチームのシステムも付いている。その機能を使ってなかったけど、 黒猫さんの上手なアイロンのイメージを見たから使ってみたよ。

Wow! Actually, it was amazing. え?これって断然いいじゃん!

I thought.


Last night I cried thinking of my mother. This morning I can’t get up and my face was super ugly.


I used the steam system to iron the accumulated ironing. After all, I thought that it’s definitely better than using a spray bottle.


I didn’t get out of my house today.


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