May 16, 2021

May 17, 2021

It’s Sunday and I am lazy. 日曜日で、私は怠け者です。

got an infection in his toe last year. And I have been painting it but not finished yet. However, my some visitor think it is finished.

ダン蔵は昨年、つま先に感染した。 そして、私はそれを描いていますが、まだ完成していません。 しかし、私の何人かの訪問者は絵は完成してると言います。

Therefore, I took a photo of this painting and sent it to my mother. I wonder what she will think about it.

そこで、この絵を写真に撮って母に送りました。 彼女はそれについてどう思うだろうか。

The other day when I talked to her on the phone she told me how amazing Kuroneko-Pooh is.


When I called to my mother’s cell phone last night, but my father answers it and said she is busy because her eldest daughter is visiting her.


My both sisters are very kind to my mother. This is so lovely.


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