May 17, 2021

May 18, 2021

I saw some irises blooming very beautifully today.


Whenever I see this flower, I always remember the phrase of iris.


It is from Isemonogatari.


“Put the five characters of Kakitsubata and put on the top of the phrase, and praise the heart of the trip.”

If you say, I will sing.

“I’ve been travel all the way, “I am in this beautiful kimono as if my wife embraced me”

I sing it, everyone dropped tears on the dried rice and scream.


と言ひければ、詠める。「唐衣きつつなれにしつましあれば はるばるきぬる旅をしぞ思ふ」


And the same time, the arts of Ogata Kourin came into my mind.


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