May 26, 2020

May 27, 2020

ダン蔵 is continuing to read the book Goya and he has been concerning that Goya had a problem with deafness.


I asked to ダン蔵 if Goya was a sweet tooth. Because I had read somewhere that Beethoven was deaf because he was a sweet tooth. His time of the sugar was included zinc. The Zinc coursed him to become deaf.

私はゴヤが甘党かどうか、ダン蔵に聞きました。 それは、私がどこかで、ベートーベンは甘党だったので耳が聞こえなくなった、と読んだことがあったからです。 それによると、彼らの時代には砂糖に亜鉛が含まれていました。 亜鉛が彼らの難聴を引き起こしたらしいです。

ダン蔵 disliked my question of the sugar matter.


Because ダン蔵 thinks about mental statements not health statements.


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