June 1st, 2020

June 2, 2020

The sound of helicopters was never stopped last night. Moreover, this morning I woke up with the sound of helicopters.


This morning when I went out I saw some shops in my neighborhood has damaged. All shops covered their window by wood until this evening.


I heard the sound of a helicopter already in the evening.


And now, nearly 9 pm, the sound of the helicopter getting louder and louder.


By the way, today is my father’s birthday. I hope he had a good day today. And I hope he has a great year ahead of him. I am fortunate that my father is still alive and active and also my mother is still alive and active too. How wonderful life is.


Think about my parents’ healthy existence made me ease.


Then, I think about George Floyd killing. No one has the right to take someone’s life.

それで、ジョージフロイド殺害を、また考える。 誰にも人の命を奪う権利はない。

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  1. 昨夜、父の誕生日をうっすら時々、思い出していましたが、ご飯支度の頃には忘れ、おかずは煮しめ。わたしは夕方外にジョギングへ行き、帰ってきたら鍋ごと食卓に上がってました。誕生会はなしでした。

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